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Councils, committees and advisers

The Danish Health Authority consults with various advisers, committees and councils whose members are experts in their respective fields or represent various interest groups.

Expert councils

Expert councils on:

  • communicable diseases
  • thesis planning
  • educational programmes for doctors, dentists, nurses
  • the elderly – through the knowledge centre for dignified elderly care

Committees and task forces

The committees and task forces offers professional advice to the Danish Health Authority on:

  • cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • educational programmes
  • environment
  • experimental treatments
  • immunisation and vaccination
  • national clinical guidelines
  • psychiatry
  • rational pharmacotherapy
  • screening
  • suicide prevention
  • speciality planning

Expert advisers

Experts are employed for a period of three years and advise on:

  • child and adolescent psychiatry
  • clinical physiology and nuclear medicine
  • drug abuse
  • general practice
  • gynecology and obstetrics
  • internal medicine: cardiology
  • internal medicine: infectious disease medicine
  • midwifery
  • paediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • urology
Updated 23 JUN 2020