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Every year, about 60,000 children are born in Denmark. The Danish Health Authority imparts health-related advice to pregnant women and guidance on the health of their children.

Information for pregnant women

The Danish Health Authority has translated a number of publications on pregnancy and young children into Arabic, English, Farsi and Somali. Some publications are also available in French, Polish, Romanian, Turkish and Urdu. 

Materials about pregnancy and small children

Healthy habits are important both before, during and after pregnancy. So please eat healthy, exercise regularly and abstain from smoking, alcohol and drugs. You should also take the recommended vitamins and dietary supplements. 

Healthy habits – before, during and after pregnancy

(Also available in Arabic, French, Pashto, Polish, Somali, Turkish and Urdu via this page)

In Denmark, we offer all pregnant women two ultrasounds during pregnancy free of charge. Learn more about fetal testing during pregnancy

Pregnancy – Fetal testing – web version

Pregnancy -  Fetal testing – print version

(Also available in Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Somali via this page)

The Danish Healtcare system in general, including information on pregnancy and birth, health examinations and vaccinations of your child etc.

Learn more about The Danish Healtcare system


The Danish Health Authority recommends that you take advantage of the free offer to get vaccinated against whooping cough (in the third trimester) and influenza. The vaccination protects both mother and child. Please call your doctor to make an appointment.

Updated 26 FEB 2024